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YXAWO-1025LP3 Linear Welding Oscillator
Brief Introduction
Welding oscillator is to increase the width of the welding seam  formed through one time welding,  is mainly used for a relatively wide welding seam, for example, V-groove welds, fillet welds. When we weld a relatively wide seam, if the welding torch does not swing, the width of  formed seam  is relatively narrow. To solve this problem, we need to make the welding torch swing back and forth in the width direction along the seam.
Welding oscillator consists of two main parts, mechanical swing mechanism (we called slide) and electrical control part (we called controller).
Welding oscillator produced by our company has a high-quality controller and uses the speed & position double closed-loop DC-Servo control technology, to ensure oscillating accuracy and speed will not be affected by the load changes. Due to the oscillating speed and amplitude can be adjusted at any time, so it is easy to achieve the requirements of different weld width and oscillating speed; greatly reduce the labor intensity of the welder; ensure the welding quality and improve the welding efficiency.
Standard Configuration
Panel of Controller
Main Functions and Features
● Oscillating parameters are input by independent digital knob and displayed in digital.
   So it not only has the new advantages of digital control, but also make the adjust more
   convenience and realtime, and visualized to use.
● Multiple sets of oscillating parameters can be preset before welding, and easy to switch
   the parameters while welding. Also, the parameters can be modified as actual needs at
   any time. So, it greatly reduces the difficulty of operation and labor intensity.
● A large-capacity parameters memory and power-off protection function, to ensure the
   parameters not lost in a sudden power off.
● With parameters restore memory function, parameters can be automatically recovered to
   the before powering status, when the power is on.
● Use the speed & position double closed-loop DC-Servo control technology, to ensure
   oscillating accuracy and speed will not be affected by the load changes.
Motor over-current and over-voltage dual protection function to protect the motor
   performance and extend service life.
● Electronic controls oscillating speed, amplitude, center, left/right dwell, to make
   operations simple and convenient.
While oscillator stopping, return to the center automatically.
● Wide input power supply voltage range is suitable for using around the world.
Optional communication functions. It is easy to achieve among several oscillators & automatic
   welding machine to compose local area network, and to achieve centralized control of the entire
   welding equipment.
Technical Parameters
Oscillating Parameters Input Mode
Digital, Independent Knob Adjustment, LED display
Rated Load
25Kg  (Horizontal Oscillating)
Slide Stroke
Maximum Oscillating Speed
Maximum Oscillating Frequency
Oscillating Amplitude
Centering Range 10-90mm
Oscillating Accuracy
Left / Right Dwell Time
The Welding Methods to Be Applied
TIG, MIG, MAG, Plasma Welding
Control Methods
Speed & Position Double Closed-Loop DC-Servo Control
Slide Structure
Motor + Guide + Encoder
Input Power Supply
AC100-240V Single-phase, 50/60Hz, 2A
Outline Dimension
Controller 240×160×120mm, Slide 268×169×63.5 mm
Mounting Hole Size
Controller 170 × 120mm ,4-M4; Slide 64×82mm, 4-M6
Controller 2.65Kg, Slide 4.5Kg
Standard Configuration
Controller, Slide, Connecting Cables (including Power Cable and Slide Cable).
User Options
Welding Torch Holder
In addition, our company can also supply special welding oscillator in accordance with the needs of users.